What That Means to You

Outstanding Service, One Price, No Time Limit

Other companies charge you for their time; typically you get a 30 minute pet sitting visit or dog walk with up-charges for additional time, services or multiple pets. No Time Limit Pet Sitting means our focus is on quality, not quantity. We don’t charge for our time because we don’t believe that watching the clock makes for quality service, so you pay ONE FLAT RATE for all of our standard pet sitting & dog walking visits.

NO ADDED CHARGES for “extra” time, services, or multiple pets.

cat and dog, Bellevue pet sitting

What’s included? EVERYTHING:

  • A walk /potty break
  • Waste pick up
  • Litter box scooping and maintenance
  • One-on-one playtime (indoors or in the yard)
  • Cuddling, belly rubs, and ear scratches
  • Maintenance of normal feeding schedule and routines
  • Medication administration
  • Fresh water and food bowls cleaned
  • Bringing in the mail and newspaper
  • Taking out the trash/bringing it in
  • Alternate light, blinds, or drapes
  • Updates via text or email at the end of the day so you know how your baby is doing
  • Access to our state of the art scheduling and client profile system for ease of scheduling

Our rates are all inclusive, we do not up-charge for multiple pets, time or services while we are at your home. Travel worry free knowing that all of your pet’s needs are being taken care of and you won’t be greeted by an extra bill when you come home!

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