Redmond Terrier Meets Blue Man Group



I really enjoy the occasional discoveries I make when walking Buster, a 3 year old Boston Terrier who lives in in Redmond.

Buster’s favorite route includes investigating the curved sidewalk and ivy vines next to the Redmond City Offices, where the city has an interesting Public Art installation

I’m glad he likes it. Personally, I like to believe our smart Terrier found the original the Blue Men Group.
Blue People Sculpture in Redmond
If you want to see this charming Redmond City Art. It’s half a block along NE 76th just East of 180th Ave NE. The metal art cut-outs feature 10 Redmond City employees from builders to office workers. If you take your kids, challenge them to see who’s first to find the hidden computer. The car traffic get busy sometimes, but if you use common safety, the walkway has a natural feel that any dog would enjoy.

I sometimes wonder why no service dogs are shown in the display. Maybe we should start friendly Redmond dog lover petition.

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