So your pet’s not alone overnight

Overnight pet sitting provides you peace of mind when you’re away from home knowing our fully insured and bonded pet sitter is making sure your pet has comfort and company through the night, and your home is more secure. No pet likes to be left alone for long periods of time, and most are used to having a person to sleep next to at night. An overnight pet sitter will stay in your home to make sure your pet gets the love and attention they’re used to overnight. Of course, we’ll make sure your pet keeps to their normal routine: feeding, dog walking, play time, TLC, and administering medications. Our pet sitter will also look after your home; keep your house tidy, water house plants, bring in your mail, and take out trash for collection. While you’re away, you’ll enjoy the comfort of knowing your home is secure and your pet well cared for and that you’ll return to a happy pet and a welcoming home.

Premium Services Included in All Visits:

  • Water dishes cleaned and filled
  • Food dishes cleaned and filled as required
  • Walks for dogs and / or appropriate playtime activities for other pets
  • Potty breaks and waste or litter box cleanup
  • Lavish doses of affection, attention, and play
  • Update of our visit with your pet by email or text message


  • Additional Pets
  • Weekend Visits
  • Administer vitamins or medications
  • Bring in the mail or newspapers
  • Rotate lights, blinds and drapes
  • Trash Service
  • Water House Plants
  • Home Security Check

To see if we provide services in your area, check out our Service Area page. To complete our contact form, refer to our Contact Us page. We look forward to working with you!