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Premium Service, One Price, No Time Limits

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Our Services; Premium Pet Care Services in Bellevue and the Eastside

Unlike most pet sitting companies, we don’t impose time limits on our services. You and your pet’s happiness is the measure of our service, not the time clock. So there are no up-charges for extra time or added service. Our flat rate Premium Services are included in all pet sitting and dog walking visits. Please Note: Since each human, pet and home are unique, we provide custom service designed to meet each clients’ needs and circumstances. When you contact us we’ll schedule a time to meet you and your pet, discuss your specific needs, and determine your exact pricing.  To help us pin point it (the range is between $20 to $110 a day) please give us a call and we can discuss it! See our list of services below.

Dog Walking

Dogs need walks like flowers need rain. We will make sure your dog gets exercise and fresh air as we take him or her on a private leashed ramble around your neighborhood to sniff the landmarks and enjoy the great outdoors. Of course, we’ll also pick up your dog’s waste, make sure they have fresh water and food, and, per your request, provide basic home services as well. When it comes to walks, we know every dog is different; a boxer or a border collie will need more exercise than an English bulldog. So give us a call and we will work with you to customize a plan tailored to match your pooch’s individual needs without straining your wallet. Don’t forget to ask about our discounts for 3 or more walks a week.

Pet Sitting; Daily Visits, Overnight Stays & Hotel Visits

When you can’t be there with your pets, our Pet Care Specialist make sure they get the comfort, attention and TLC they need in their own home. We’ll provide walks, play time, feeding, litter box cleaning, administer medication, and other services for your pets, plus we can bring in your mail, rotate drapes, blinds and lights, water plants and provide security checks for your home. We’ll even send you daily updates so you can relax and enjoy peace of mind knowing how your pets are being cared for. Just give us a call to schedule a meet and greet so we can customize a service for you and your pets. Call for a quick custom quote.

 Daily Visits

Going on vacation? Away on business? It’s much less stressful if you let your pets stay in their own home while we look after them. We’ll make daily visits for walks and play time with your pets. We’ll make sure they have fresh food and water, take them for potty breaks or clean the litter box. We’ll also take care of important household tasks and look after your home. Full service No Time Limit visits are $28; call us for more details.

Overnight Pet Sitting

You’ll enjoy added peace of mind when you let us look after your pets and your home while you’re away. Your Pet Care Specialist will arrive at 7:30 PM and stay until 7:00 AM to care for your pets and look after your home during the night. We’ll provide all the services of our daily pet sitting visits plus the extra security of having an insured and bonded professional in your home overnight. There’s no disruption of your pet’s normal routine and we’ll make sure your pets are safe and have everything they need while you’re away.Call us for special pricing.

Hotel Pet Sitting

terrier-bed-bigStaying with your pet at a hotel in Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland or the Eastside? You have things to do, but it’s hard on your pet to be left alone in a strange place. Let us look after them while you enjoy the sights, attend that wedding, or go to your family reunion. We’ll entertain your pet with play time, walks, feeding and watering or whatever care they need. When you return to your room, you’ll find a calmer and happier pet waiting for you. Hotel clients will need to contact us and schedule a no cost in-person consultation at least 12 hours before our first visit.

Pet Taxi Transportation Service

When work or other scheduling conflicts make it hard for you to get your pet to the vet, groomer or wherever they need to go, we can handle that for you. Your pet will travel in a safe, secure and sanitized carrier. Rates do not include service or supply fees. Mileage rate of $0.58 may apply

Pet Supply Pickup and Delivery

Running out of pet supplies but no time to make a run to the store? No problem. We’ll pick up your pet’s food, treats, or whatever they need and deliver it to your home. Rates do not include cost of supplies.

  • With other services: $15.00
  • Without other services: $20.00

Premium Services Included in All Visits:

  • Water dishes cleaned and filled
  • Food dishes cleaned and filled as required
  • Walks for dogs and / or appropriate playtime activities for other pets
  • Potty breaks and waste or litter box cleanup
  • Lavish doses of affection, attention, and play
  • Update of our visit with your pet by email or text message


  • Additional Pets
  • Weekend Visits
  • Administer vitamins or medications
  • Bring in the mail or newspapers
  • Rotate lights, blinds and drapes
  • Trash Service
  • Water House Plants
  • Home Security Check