Dog Walking

Dogs Need Walks Like Flowers Need Rain

Dog Walking

Dog Walking is the Key to a Happier, Healthier Dog

All that sniffing and marking your dog does during a walk is their way of getting and posting the latest news and information. This mental stimulation is as important for them as the physical exercise and can reduce anxiety and boredom, making for a calmer, happier dog.

Do you spend your lunch break rushing home to walk your dog? Don’t have the time or energy to give your dog the walks they need? Let one of our professional dog walker make sure your pooch gets the healthy exercise and playful companionship he needs. We’ll take your dog on a private leashed ramble tailored to his size, condition and energy level, to sniff the landmarks and enjoy the great outdoors. Naturally, we’ll also pick up his waste, make sure he has fresh water, a tummy rub and a treat. When you return home, you’ll be greeted by a calmer, healthier and happier pooch. Discounts for 4 or more walks a week.