Special Care While You’re Away

Comfort and Care In Your Own Home

For those who live a busy life, whether it be due to work or travel, will still need proper care for their pets throughout the day. While doggy daycares and kennels have been an option for years, they can damage the mental health of your pet and cause behavioral and trust issues between you two. Bellevue Pet Sitters is proud to offer daily pet sitting visits to your own home that can give your pet the proper attention it needs without removing it from its comfortable environment.

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Services Involved In Daily Pet Sitting Visits:

  • Water dishes cleaned and filled
  • Food dishes cleaned and filled as required
  • Walks for dogs and/or appropriate playtime activities for other pets
  • Potty breaks and waste or litter box cleanup
  • Lavish doses of affection, attention, and play
  • Updates about our visit with your pet by email every day

Daily, Worry-Free Care For Your Pet(s)

Worried that your precious pet won’t get the special treatment they deserve while you’re away? Our daily pet sitting visits make sure that even though you won’t be home, your furry kids will get the same care you would give them. At our initial consultation, we’ll explore all the details of the care your pets will need. When you’re away, we’ll be able to make sure your pets keep to their normal routine as much as possible. Visits include feeding, plenty of attention, playtime/affection, administering needed medication, and litter box/pet waste clean-up.

Dogs will get a leashed walk around your neighborhood or, if you prefer, we’ll take them to play in your fenced yard. The pace and length of walks and playtime are tailored for each dog’s needs. We’ll make sure to adjust for older dogs, dogs with special issues, or puppies, so each dog gets the optimum amount of exercise for their particular needs.

Daily pet sitting visits also include basic home-care services like home security checks, bringing in your mail and other packages, rotating lights and blinds, watering indoor plants, and taking your trash bins out for pick-up. And we will do it all at one set price. There’s never an added charge for additional pets or extra service. Call us today for a quick quote or to schedule a free consultation. Also, our Services page fills you in on our other services, and our Service Area page details the areas we cover.

Additional No-Cost Services

  • Additional Pets*
  • Weekend Visits
  • Administer vitamins or medications
  • Bring in the mail or newspapers
  • Rotate lights, blinds, and drapes
  • Trash Service
  • Water House Plants
  • Home Security Check


* Up to 3 cats or 2 dogs

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